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in america. given that and some of the charges to target groups or specific people how do you bro pose implementing going after these quote unquote sham universitieuniversities? >> i think it's pretty simple. this isn't targeting certain sectors, it's targeting everybody who comes into the country potentially illegally using student visas and really doing an investigation regardless where they come from in the world and making sure that they are here under the right circumstances, and not using these universities as a method to enter this country illegally. that is really the impetus for it all. jenna: given the fiscal reality that we're dealing with right now do we have the resources, do we have the men, the money to actually do this right now? jenna: well i think this is -- this is going to cost a lot of dough, quite frankly, it's enforcing the laws on the books and putting penalties to it. right now there are no penalties. if we get the law passed it will increase the penalties in a big, big way. i don't think it's going to cost a bunch of money. it's not like throwing a whole bunch
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to answer your question. first of all, america is now the highest tax corporate entities anywhere in the world, now that japan has lowered their taxes. we have the highest tax rate. and second, we also have the problem we're only country that is double taxed, so if we can business in china, we pay the taxes there, and then if we bring the money back, we pay it here, so that's number one, and we have to fix that or we're not competitive at all. number two, the reason the -- to give you an example, ge didn't pay taxes are two-fold. number one, they had a financial massive financial organization in ge that lost a lot of money last year and when you lose money, you have a deduction, and second, they did a lot of things on green energy and other projects, job creating projects, that the congress of the united states had put in place inducements, tax credits, to go out and do that. so this year -- >> jenna: i just want to interrupt you for a second because maybe sewers -- viewers don't know about the report last week from showed ge as an example getting around the taxes and you're point
: what a world. martha: we are glad to have you with us in "america's newsroom." bill: you've got it "happening now" starts right now. jenna: breaking developments in a brand-new story this hour, developments fast and furious out of libya where the rebels putting up quite a fight as qaddhafi forces turn up the heat bringing in tanks, firing rockets and launching more attacks. out of syria, the country's entire cabinet just resigned. a major discrimination lawsuit against walmart. will the supreme court let it go forward? it's a big question, it's all new, it's all live, "happening now." we've been on a roll with big news days, haven't we, greg. gregg: we certainly have. jenna: we are so glad you are with us. gregg: i'm greg jarrett in for jon scott. there are brand-new developments to tell you about in libya where a battle for qaddhafi's hometown is raging. just some of the gunfire there, rebel forces armed with machine guns working very hard to make headway after a set back in sirte. progovernment forces beating them back using tanks, heavy mortar and rockets, but the outgunned r
! martha: "happening now" starts right now. we'll be back tomorrow with more of "america's newsroom" jon: we begin with this fox news alert. a manhunt in texas after a deadly shooting at a high school powder puff football game. take a look at the results of this mayhem, one person dead, five others injured, police saying a ford taurus droak up a girl's football game late yesterday, first there was a fistfight, then gunshots, police say someone watching the game may have fired back at the gunman, they're car was found 5 miles away colored with blood. police say it appears to be gang-related. we'll have a live report coming up. martha: brand new stories and breaking developments this hour, the white house gives the okay to the cia to go into libya, but what do these covert operations really mean? >> brand new air scares at a major u.s. airport, the very same one where an air traffic controller fell asleep on the job. the close call this time around. >> and she said mexican pirates killed her husband while they were jet skiing on a border lake between texas and mexico. now six months later
ahead. martha: well are america's election headquarters. by this time in the last presidential election cycle 11 republicans had already said they were running or were exploring a run for the presidency. today, a total of zero have officially thrown their hats in the ring. but today we have six possible republican contenders. they're going to be attending an event in iowa, one of the early primary states. our next guest has said it's time for republican candidates to get serious about the race, get aggressive. bill crystal is editor of the weekly standard and also a fox news political analyst. so bill, just starting off with a broad question, if the country is center right, then why is it so difficult to find a candidate that's center right to go after those voters? what's the stphrob. >> i think there will be plenty of candidates, i just think they're being sensible. there's no need to start raising money and spend the kind of money you have to raise for campaigns, which is only $3400 a person, when you can fly to ohio, you're packed and paid for it, you're not a candidate yet, you can
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will be in latin america next week and the congress takes a week off then they come back with two weeks of negotiation trying to come up with something to fulfill the rest of the year's budget. not a lot of optimism yet. jenna: any sense how close they are to an actual long-term budget? are they going to vote today in the senate on this. >> reporter: probably not today. it's quite likely they'll roll it to tomorrow. there are a series of legislative procedures and obstacles that have to be cleared away for them to do it. unlike the rhetoric the past two weeks where both sides are attacking the proposals of one another. now they say they look to come proceed myself and make some sort of a deal. the republicans are standing by their $61 billion cut which passed in the house. democrats have not moved off the $7.4 million proposal that got killed in their senate. here is hairy reid this morning talking about this. >> neither party can pass a bill without the other party and neither chamber can send that bill to the president without the other chamber. if we are looking for a case study wide
advantage of working families at the pump. in addition, america is better prepared for supply disruptions than we used to be. today we use 7% less oil than we did in 2005, even as our economy has grown since then. partly because our economy as a whole is more efficient. we're adapting. we're producing more oil and we're importing less. our automakers, for example, are manufacturing more fuel efficient cars, some that get 50 miles to the gallon, and our consumers are driving more of these cars. in december, democrats and republicans came together to pass a payroll tax cut that's helping to grow our economy and create jobs. in the wake of rising gas prices, it should also help act as a cushion for working families. this doesn't lessen our commitment to do everything we can to get gas prices down, but that tax cut will total about $1,000 for the average working family this year for an extra $80 showing up in your paycheck each month. that tax relief package is a key reason that even with higher prices, economists and investors like warren buffett, believe that we should still expect private
the economy, about america's global competitiveness, but instead, he's kind of like a dog when it comes to the media, chasing after every car he sees. he can't help himself. so on the view yesterday, we have him questioning, jumping into this birth certificate debate, with the birth certificate and questioning obama's bit certificate which we know has been expwron line on the internet, everybody has seen it. he just can't help himself, he's going to drive into those ditches. jon: you talk about how he has great name recognition and he certainly has lit up our chat room today with this question. one says gingrich for president and trump for vice president or secretary of finance. she wants to put him in a smaller job, i guess. artist says trump makes a good golf course but wouldn't be a good president. clearly, this guy has aroused passions in people. >> well, again, he's a reality show star, he's big entertainment, he's so full of himself that i think that comes across. people like a little bit of humanity in their political leaders. so -- and i think, you know, can he serve in a cabine
of america's most popular sport. nfl owners and the players union are trying to come to an agreement on a new labor deal before the current one expires. only two days remain to get it done. now, hanging in the balance, thousands of jobs, billions of dollars. but also, the possibility that legions of devoted fans could face life without football this year. imagine that. fox business network's chris kro*or joins us now. chris, is it really p-bl? >> it is possible. we have a deadline, it's thursday night at midnight. if we don't have an agreement by then and both sides are feverishly negotiating now, we don't have an agreement, the owners will lock the players out essentially and then they will be basically on strike. now, the players actually won a victory yesterday when the u.s. district court judge said that the owners, he ruled the owners violated the collective bargaining act that's in place right now by putting aside $4 billion of tv money. you see, the owners viewed that as a war chest, if you will, if they go on strike, they can still have a revenue stream of the tv money that the networ
, peeling off roofs and siding. no reports of injuries but serious weather the same. jon: america's role in libya is raising new questions about president obama's approach to foreign policy. deputy national security adviser ben rhodes explains why the u.s. is not acting alone again. >> i don't think taking a unilateral action with a far more broadly defined mission is in the interest of the united states. what is in our interests is working with the national community to stop an urgent humanitarian crisis and then working over time through a set of pressure tools with a broad coalition to increasingly isolate and put pressure on qaddhafi. jon: while in south america president obama discussed what he wants to come from this operation. >> this is an international effort that is designed to accomplish the goals set out in the security council resolution. we believe it's in the world's interest and even more importantly the libyan people's interest that qaddhafi steps down. jon: is a clear obama doctrineee emerging here? let's talk about it with a new york university professor. is it obama d
it will lead the green resolution and end america's odyssey. an advocate of nuclear power. >> it's a difficult time to be an advocate, but yes i am. greg: you don't think this crisis in japan should radically alter our course? >> i think we should be very level-headed about it and consider what the options are and take everything seriously. when you talk about getting rid of nuclear power you have to talk about what are we going to do in its place? and there is always an idea there is some other option out there that is very clean and benign and simple and when we get to that option it turns out to be very difficult after all and it has its own environmental problems. we can't do anything without impact being the environment, without affecting the environment. greg: do you believe that the concern about fukushima is over blown at this point. >> i wouldn't say so, no, no, i think it's very, very serious. the workers team some have been exposed to high develops of radiation. the situation does not seem to be under control at all. this is one of the things that we have to go through with nuclear
on friday morning, 90 minutes before he announces to the world what america is going to do. it strikes me he should have had the congressional leadership in tuesday night or wednesday morning to discuss this with them so he could sort of make his case that if it became a more sustained operation he would come back to the congress for authorization. but he's in a pickle on this thing, and criticism is simply going to rise because there's one other thing that's happened here. the congress is not authorized -- has not authorized this, but the united nations did, and it looks like the president of the united states is believing that the u.n. authorization is sufficient and congressional authorization is unneeded and that's going to rangel a lot of people in both parties in the congress. jenna: karl, in the political play -- playground, there's no take me backs, the president can't go back and undo what he's done so starting today, how can he garner more support for his actions and look more presidential? >> well, clarity on the mission, and clarity on command. we now have an emerging squabble ov
questions. go on the link on the home page to"happening now" america's asking. high wind making it more difficult to contain several wildfires burning across colorado. we have the latest efforts to save homes and gain ground on these flames just ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male annouer ] with amazing innovation, driven by rentless competition, wireless puts the world at your command. ♪ jon: fox news alert. all kinds of trouble erupting in syria. soldiers have opened fire on more protesters there, especially in the city of dana after a picture of the late president there was set on fire by a number of the protesters. all kinds of reports of demonstrators shot dead by their own government going on in syria. we are keeping an eye on it and we'll give you more information as it becomes available. jenna: business alert for you now, the government this morning saying that the u.s. economy grew at a faster pace than expected at the end of last year. gdp, gross domestic product grew a little more than 3%. that is better than what was expected. many economists have scaled back their forecast
web sites that america plans to invade libya ran take over its oil. quote, we are not going to do that, clinton said. her remarks came in testimony this morning which is on going. the secretary warning that libya could descend into civil war and chaos. the u.s. has been engaged in quote, marathon diplomacy to avert that fate. she spoke about the libyan rebels saying they are trying to enlarge their presence and seize control of the libyan capitol of tripoli. a no-fly zone to aid the rebels is under active conversation. thee says there are limits as to how much help they want to receive from the united states. >> we are also very conscious of the desire by the libyan opposition forces that they be seen as doing this by themselves, on behalf of the libyan people, that there not be outside intervention by any external force because they want this to have been their accomplishment. we respect that. >> reporter: as well the top u.s. military commander in the middle east general james madis held of u.s. central command told a senate panel that no one should hold illusions as to what would be
rifle association of america. your point is tha that a lot ofe gun sales would have about squelched. they wanted to prevent the guns from going but alcohol, tobacco and firearms wouldn't let them. >> that's right. there needs to be a thorough congressional investigation into all of this. what it looks like to a lot of people is the obama administration, hillary clinton and attorney general holder have spent the last two and a half years blaming the second amendment freedom in this country for what is going on with the cartels. in an effort to set the stage for more gunnery strikes on the law abiding people in this country. and yet they could only prove a trickle of guns going down to mexico. someone in the government it looks like to a lot of people decided to change that trickle into a river of guns going down there to seek political advantage. i mean, they have almost no prosecutions, very few out of it. they sent thousands and thousands of guns over to the cartels, and there was such a long period of time, while great law enforcement officers said it's crazy, idiotic, why are you
condition, the other in fair condition. you've been watching this throughout the morning on "america's newsroom". the marshals and the other task force officer went to a house in the st. louis area, to try to apprehend this suspect. a gun fight broke out. the two marshals and the other officer were hit. but the suspect, again, is reported to be deceased. we will keep you updated on "happening now". jenna: another fox news alert, new numbers out on the decifit. last month we what's the biggest monthly decifit in our history, a record $223 billion in february, that's according to the nonpartisan cbo. it's the 29th consecutive month that the government is operating in the red. if you add up all the debt, by the way, when you add all of that, we had to spend $21 billion of our money just to service that debt. all this happening by the way while congress continues to try to work on a funding bill for this year. we have much more on this story as we get it. >>> to kick things off with breaking news, we're so glad you're with us, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. we are here in the fox new
which doesn't worry nuclear engineer dr. jeff king. >> i would say america should actually be very comfortable with those plants. >> reporter: dr. king says the fukushima reactors likely survived the quake, the quake came with a tsunami that knocked out power. with the new madrid-area plant the quake would shut them down and bring up generators. >> if i lived in that area my biggest worry would be the loss of my utilities, loss of power and water. >> geologistso geologists agree say the central states are less like japan than like christchurch, new zealand. >> christchurch has a building structure much like you find in the u.s., $100-year-old brick buildings, no reinforcement. >> reporter: seismologists say regardless of fault liepts and -- fault lines and history, jenna, earthquakes can happen about anywhere. jenna: good reminder, alicia acuna, thank you. jon: rebels making progress against qaddafi forces, moving closer to his home town and advancing towards tripoli as nato takes command of the lead operation in libya. the actual takeover set to happen in a matter of days. so how
exactly what america's role will be in enforcing the no-fly zone. doug mckelway's live at the pentagon. >> reporter: well, this is just a fast and furious situation at the pentagon. we're or hearing from a pentagon official that the white house and the pentagon are both very much in a planning mode at this very early juncture. that planning mode involve ofs three basic -- involves three basic elements. first, what nations are going to be involved in the coalition, secondly, which nations are going to be leading that effort. we've heard the united states, in all likelihood, will not although that remains to be seen. and thirdly, what nations will play what roles. officially, the pentagon has canceled its press briefing today, largely due to the fact they don't want to get out ahead of the white house in this situation, a situation which is very, very fluid, indeed. it's been changing by the hour, but it was basically upended this morning when the libyan foreign minister said that he's calling for an immediate cease fire and a stoppage of all military or operations. secretary of state hi
back in three minutes. america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front... adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle, and pack they produce... so you can make the choice that's right for you. jenna: right now new fears over the health safety of u.s. troops and also the japanese people, anyone in what is happening in japan right now. the u.s. s. ronald reagan may have passed through a radioactive cloud while doing relief work off the coast. 17 helicopter crew members treated for radiation exposure during one mission. what health issues are facing our troops as well as the japanese. dr. cromwell is joining us now. we are talking about radiation affects or poisoning. what would that feel like to the average person? >> reporter: well the radiation affects we can separate into things that are more a cute affects and then long-term affects. in terms of things that people could feel right away after radiation exposure, they affect p really nausea, vomiting, headaches, diary a really feeling unwell. part of the reason behind that is that radi
random patdowns a felony sex crime. >>> and is phoenix really the kidnap capital of america? maybe not. a report that phoenix police were boosting the numbers to get more money from the feds. it's all new, all live, it's "happening now." jenna: and we welcome you to a brand new hour at high noon on the east coast. so glad you're with us, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: and it still is friday, i'm jon scott. hundreds of tripoli protesters chanting, the people want to bring the regime down. jenna: but pro-ghadafi forces firing tear gas, and when that didn't work, witnesses they say just opened fire. reports of mortars being fired, air strikes, many casualties as well. reports in the town right near tripoli. the opposition is standing firm as we hearsaying they are not afraid of death, it's time for ghadafi to go. leland vittert is streaming live with more. >> reporter: hi, jenna. we spent the day on the front line with the rebels in a key oil facility ghadafi is trying to retake. if he does, he will be able to shut off the gasoline supply to the entire eastern part of the country, and tha
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